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Our Code Of Ethics

SunplusInspection locate its role to be as an information collector, dedicated to minimizing the transaction risks for its clients and protecting their interests. Honest and impartial working manner is our non-negotiable rules through the whole code of ethics.



Our core values


SunplusInspection employees should work in a professional, independent and impartial manner at all times.
SunplusInspection employees should report the data, testing results, and other findings accurately and honestly no matter what
   the results are.
SunplusInspection personnel are never to accept bribes, gifts or favors of any kind from any of company's customers or suppliers. 
   Violation of this principle will result in immediate dismissal of the employee.
Any conflict or legal ambiguity arises between multiple national legislations, SunplusInspection employees should report to SunplusInspection 
   management team for advice on how to proceed.





All information related to Our Clientss or clients' products is held confidential completely at all times except when its 
   release is necessary to complete the work.
Any information provided by our website visitors or Our Clientss will not be released outside or sold to any 3rd party.



Transparency and safety



SunplusInspection is committed to inform Our Clientss of major changes relative to their orders.
When the work is carried out, the international standards and the client's instructors must be strictly complied with.

SunplusInspection employees completely abide by national and local laws and regulations.


Our company ordered a factory audit service from the SunplusInsection. They finished the analysis report in three days after the order had been put. The report is very detailed, thorough and professional, with all the information (e.g., organization structure, production process & capacity, quality control & related certificates ect. ect.) we want to know from the suppiler. I am just writing to say thanks for your service. Your expertise and experience had been greatly appreciated. Since emerging markets are our new priority now, we look forwad to doing business with you again in the near future.

Our Clients