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Too many non-compliance products have been produced when you find
    the quality problems?

Disturbed by the late delivery because of quality problems?


Losing confidence in your products being produced?


Supplier Audit Services

SunplusInspection suggests you use our Final Random Inspection service. Final Random Inspection (FRI) is also known as final random inspection (FRI). It happens when the order is 100% completed, packed and ready to ship (unless otherwise requested).


SunplusInspection will send our experienced engineers to make the on-site Final Random Inspection for you. A Final Random Inspection report with full information will be emailed to you within 24 hours.


To obtain a proper representation of your order, SunplusInspection uses ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003 (equivalent to MIL-STD-105e) sampling techniques (or other sampling technique required by you) when performing the Final Random Inspection.


SunplusInspection's qualified engineers will personally go to the factory to represent your company's interests to perform the Final Random Inspection by inspecting:


contract quantities
the packing way and related labels
the storage way of your products

workmanship appearance

function, size and measurement

reliability and safety tests

related shipping files

other specified requirements from you


Your benefits:

Reduction of import risks

Improvement of your sourcing efficiency

No need for you to be on-the-spot. Save your time, save your money!



Our company ordered a factory audit service from the SunplusInsection. They finished the analysis report in three days after the order had been put. The report is very detailed, thorough and professional, with all the information (e.g., organization structure, production process & capacity, quality control & related certificates ect. ect.) we want to know from the suppiler. I am just writing to say thanks for your service. Your expertise and experience had been greatly appreciated. Since emerging markets are our new priority now, we look forwad to doing business with you again in the near future.

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