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What is CITC? CITC是什么?
Saudi Arabia's telecommunications regulator, CITC, regulates wireless products exported to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's communications authority, the communications and information industry council (CITC), and the statutory body that sets standards for the industry recently revised their current rules to regulate Bluetooth positioning as a wireless product in Saudi Arabia.
沙特电信监管部门 CITC,负责出口到沙特的无线产品的管制 沙特阿拉伯的通讯主管部门--通信与信息产业委员会(CITC)和制定通讯行业标准的法定机构近期修订了现行相关规定,将蓝牙定位为沙特阿拉伯的无线产品加以监管。
All wireless and telecommunications products sold in the Saudi market are required to meet CITC specifications and to apply for CITC equipment licenses. This license letter is issued by the Saudi information technology committee. CE based RF/EMC/Health/Safety reports, licensed without local testing.
I.certification process 认证流程
1.Provide the required technical data and send samples to qualified Lab for testing
2.Submit the materials to the Saudi authorities for review. If the product is a mobile phone, send samples to the local area for functional inspection
3.Passed the audit and obtained CITC license.
Application documents 申请所需要文件.
The following information and documents must be submitted together with the type approval application form: 以下的信息和文件必须和型式认证的申请表一起提交
1-2 Color drawings of product photos (photocopying is not acceptable
2-Function description of the equipment, at least in the form of block diagram
3-Operation manual or operation manual, manufacturer's declaration letter, Datasheet
4-RF+ security + EMC report: in the form of PDF or copy of text or CD, the security report should be ICE report
RF+安全+ EMC报告:用PDF形式或复印件文本或CD等拷贝形式,安全报告需要是ICE报告
5-The circuit diagram shall be approved and sealed by the testing institution to highlight all amendments.

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