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What is Product CoC?  Product CoC是什么?
Product CoC stands for Product conformity certification. It’s a mandatory certification for importing product to Saudi Arabia.
Product CoC 又称 PC证书(产品证书认证)  
How do I know if my product needs Pcoc? 如何确认我的产品需要做Pcoc?
Use the right HS code of your product to verify on Its required to have Product conformity certification when it shows in Certificates. 
使用正确的海关编码到Saber官网Saber.sa来进行确认,当看到COC certificate出现在Certificates中代表所查询的产品需要COC certificate

How to complete the process for Pcoc? 如何完成PCOC的申请?
1- Importer has to register Saber account ( Or providing the latest business license, Sunplus can register it on behalf) 
2- Importer has to apply PC with the right product info inputting into Saber account.
3- Import has to select a qualified Conformity Body to issue Pcoc.
4- Pay Pcoc fees
5- Conformity Body issue product conformity certification and it is valid for 1 year.  

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