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Too many non-compliance products have been produced when you find
    the quality problems?

Disturbed by the late delivery because of quality problems?


Losing confidence in your products being produced?


Social Audit

Protect your image by ensuring your supply chain is socially compliant, responsible and worthy of your trust. TheCorporate Social Audit (CSA) verifies that you are doing business with factories in which social rights are respected. You will be able to qualify new suppliers and understand if it is appropriate to work with them. We can perform social audits based on a myriad of different standards, including SA 8000, BSCI or WRAP. We also offer a Corrective action planand Follow-up Corporate Social Audit service to help your suppliers improve and achieve full certification.

Corporate Social Audits (SA 8000) in China and Asia

Our certified SA 8000 auditors have over 10 years of experience in Corporate Social Responsibility Audits (SA 8000) in China and Asia. They can check the factory according to international standards, including the SA 8000 standard. We will work with you and your factory in Asia to prepare for this social audit. While we have a specific protocol for each standard; we can also include requirements specific to your company.

A Corporate Social Audit (CSA) will allow you to:

Avoid factories with dangerous working conditions, child labor etc.
Be proactive about sustainable development.
Know how near or far your vendor is from the SA 8000 certification.
Make apples to apples comparisons of your vendors.
Demonstrate to your clients that you are socially responsible company.
Save time and secure your business!
CSA reports also include suggestions for improvement. Many clients and factories enact corrective action plans after an initial social audit. The implementation of a corrective action plan is the first step towards achieving the SA 8000, BSCI or WRAP certification.

Corrective Action Plan for CSA (SA 8000) in China and Asia

After the CSA, you may request your supplier to make improvements on the non-conformities (NC) found during the initial audit. The corrective action plan following the corporate social audit is a list documenting all non-conformities. It is a guide for improvements that helps the supplier to propose and implement precise and detailed corrective actions.

Pricing for the preparation of the Corrective Action Plan following the CSA (SA 8000) USD 50.

Follow-up audit for CSA (SA 8000) in China and Asia

The vast majority of Asian factories fail the initial CSA audits. For most suppliers and buyers, the initial social audit is only the beginning of the journey. After an audit, management of a factory should enact corrective action plans to improve conditions. The Follow-up Corporate Social Audit for CSA will help you confirm that the factory has successfully implemented a corrective action plan.

The Corrective actions follow-up audit focuses on checking that the related corrective and preventive actions are effective. It ensures the non-conformities identified in the corporate social audit are now conformed. 

Pricing for a Corrective actions follow-up audit for CSA (SA 8000) starts at 1 man-day. If over 40 non-conformities are to be followed-up on, 2 man-days are required. In some cases travel expenses may apply.

Social compliance - Certification coordination

Only accredited companies can perform certifications for SA 8000, BSCI or WRAP. We closely work together with accredited bodies to organize and arrange certifications. It usually takes between one and two months to arrange a social certification and receive the first results.

The CSA and Follow-up Corporate Social Audits conducted by SunplusInspection (SPI) give an independent opinion on whether your factory is ready for certification. We can advise you on the corrective action plans to implement and supervise the implementation with the factory.

Pricing for social audits in Asia

Visit our pricing page for more information or contact us for a precise quotation.

Corporate Social Audit: two man-days.
Follow-up Corporate Social Audit: one man-day.
Corrective Action Plan following the CSA (SA 8000) USD 50.


Social Standards & Certifications

SA 8000

The internationally recognized standard applies to a single factory. An on-site audit assesses the social responsibility of the factory in regards to the items below. For most factories in Asia, it is difficult to attain full certification.

Child labor
Forced labor
Health & Safety
Freedom of association and right to bargain
Disciplinary practices
Working hours and Environment
Management Systems
SA8000 is a standard that applies to all industries and product categories.


Based on the SA 8000 standard, the Business Social Compliance Initiative aims to incorporate the buyers into the certification program.

Factories are audited regularly on the basis of standards similar to those of the SA 8000. An SA 8000 certified factory directly qualifies for BSCI certification.

Buyers commit to certifying most of their suppliers and to supporting their manufacturers.



Yet another standard for social responsibility. Factories can apply for WRAP certification without the help of buyers. The standard is very similar to SA 8000. 

WRAP assigns three levels of certification to account for the difficulties of factories to meet the highest standards:


WRAP also publishes a list ofcertified factories on their website.

We offer a specialised audit to support WRAP certification.


Our company ordered a factory audit service from the SunplusInsection. They finished the analysis report in three days after the order had been put. The report is very detailed, thorough and professional, with all the information (e.g., organization structure, production process & capacity, quality control & related certificates ect. ect.) we want to know from the suppiler. I am just writing to say thanks for your service. Your expertise and experience had been greatly appreciated. Since emerging markets are our new priority now, we look forwad to doing business with you again in the near future.

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